How to know your roof needs replacing

Owning a property in the beautiful city of Vancouver offers many benefits but one thing we are constantly burdened with is rain. To protect your most valuable asset from the elements, an annual roof inspection is a necessity to ensure you are prepared for what the lower mainland weather brings. Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common roofing systems in Vancouver for a few reasons such as choice of colors, design and often most importantly affordability. A shingle roof that is on its way out for roof replacement or needs repairing will give off some telltale signs that a homeowner can pick up on. Here are some things to look out for. Keep in mind that if your roof is severely damaged you will need emergency roof repair.

Roof Inspection Checklist for Roof Repairs & Replacement

1) Fallen Debris or Pests

If any debris caused by heavy winds has struck your roof it is quite possible it may have damaged your shingles. Branches and other potential objects could have caused tears or rips in the roof which would result in a leak. Pests enjoy working their way into your attic to find a warm place to hunker down for the winter. If you are experiencing any activity it is a good possibility that they entered your home through the roof. Have your roofing company  check these issues.

2) Lifting Shingles

Any shingles that seem to be lifted from the roof decking could cause immediate issues. If you do not have the money to replace the entire roof, you can hire a roof repair professional to do the repair job on the shingles that need it. Water can penetrate under the shingle and into the attic space below. This could have been caused by rough winds or improper installation. If you want to get most eco friendly car check this index.

If this problem is occurring is several locations it should be addressed immediately by a roofing services company.

3) Curling Shingles

Shingles that appear to be bowed or curled signifies that there has been direct damage to the asphalt make-up of the shingle. Moisture under the shingle or UV damage that has bypassed the protective granules are common causes for this. If you are experiencing this problem on the very first row of shingles above your gutters this might have been the result of the roofers not installing a proper starter strip, this means that you will need to get a new roofing installation.

4) Granule Loss

Over time the protective granules that protect your shingles from harmful UV rays may loosen due to heavy foot traffic or wash away from the impact of rain, wind or snow. An exposed shingle will deteriorate rapidly due to the direct effect from the sun.

5) Algae Build Up

Lots of moss on the roof can affect its lifespan drastically. It can lodge itself under shingles, divert water in unwanted directions and it retains moisture. The build-up of moss can compromise your roofing system, but it does not mean you necessarily have to replace your roof. The issue may be resolved by roof maintenance and cleaning.

If you are still unsure about the condition of your roof, it would not hurt to pop up in your crawl space or attic on a rainy day and see if you are getting any wet spots or leaks, this is the same thing for commercial roofing, you always need to make sure you roof’s structure is in good condition.

These are some things that may come to your attention while inspecting your roof. Contact residential roof replacement services to get a full inspection and assess any repairs.

Where to Find a Professional Roof Inspector

If you are not comfortable doing the inspection yourself call a trusted local roofing company who will be able to provide you with an honest outlook on the condition of your roof.

If you need your roof inspected in the Vancouver BC area, call Kitsilano Roofing at (604) 825-6947 or visit our webpage to learn more about us!