Torch-On Roofing

Torch down roofing, otherwise known as bitumen roll roofing, is one of the most durable roll roofing systems available. Unlike other roofing systems, which rely on nails to secure the product, bitumen roll roofing uses a system that depends on heat to secure the final layer. For the first step, our Vancouver Roofers install a heavy layer of roofing felt using cap nails. We will also install drip edge flashing as required for your particular roof, and coat part of the drip flashing with sealer. To install a row of roll roofing, the product is rolled up until it meets in the center. The roll roofing is then heated with a blow torch along the area that meets the roofing felt. The roll is unrolled slowly, allowing the heated portion of the roofing to adhere to the layer below.